Construction Services

Komro Sales has a well-qualified team of designers, project managers, and crew laborers. Our Construction Services are detailed below.

Design Services

Let us help you today in designing your new facility, renovation, or addition!

Design Services

  • Effective Team of Skilled Draftsmen & Designers
  • Latest Software & Equipment
  • Expertise in designing new concept plans
  • Collaboration with top Universities

Construction Management

Komro Sales Construction Management Services are available for your next project. We provide you, the owner, with a complete approach to your project from start to finish. We work on behalf of the owner to ensure that the project stays on time and within budget. We'll help answer questions and get answers about the construction project and communicate with you frequently.

Concrete Services

  • Flatwork and walls are common pours
  • Experts at complicated slopes and angles
  • Always attentive to engineering specifications without going over budget
  • Ability to pour all winter long
  • Custom finish ability