Manure Handling/System Design

With over 200 custom manure transfer systems in service we are your solution for moving manure.

  • Scraper systems to clean alleys
  • Flush systems to clean holding areas and lanes
  • Gravity flow designs
  • Mechanical transfer of manure/sand utilizing flush/flumes
  • Closed Loop & Open Loop
  • Long distance pumping using centrifugal and piston pumps
  • Heavy Duty Magnum Pumps to move thick bedding and dry manure
  • Not looking for a pump? Use an auger! Many options available.

Sand is not a challenge anymore with our designs!

Solids Separation

Separation of manure solids can be accomplished in two ways:

1. FAN Screw Press
The FAN screw press separator is the leader in design, reliability and longevity. Manure enters the separator in raw form. The manure is pressed outward through a stainless steel screen reducing the moisture content up to 65%. The material is then discharged into a conveyor where it is stacked. The product it produces is the driest available of any brand or type of separator!

2. Roll Press
The roll press is a lower cost option to a screw press. It will produce a good product with a smaller initial investment. It requires less horsepower and is easier to maintain. One drawback is a wetter product and it is not as flexible in terms of actual placement of machine for supplying it.

Green Bedding

1. FAN BRU (Bedding Recovery Unit)
The BRU creates fresh bedding every day. The BRU is an insulated Compost Dryer that treats the solids in an intensive aerobic process that kills bacteria and dries the material. The process ensures a consistent mixture that is treated in a controlled environment. The chemistry of the manure is changed after the cycle is complete which in turn counteracts the mastitis producing microorganisms that existed in the fresh manure.

2. DariTech Bedding Master
The Bedding Master by DariTech takes the solids from your manure and creates a quality bedding for your cows. The large capacity, heavy duty drive system and construction ensure a quality product that can withstand the type of working environment it will be used in.